Staging a Spectacle

Fancy a bathroom you can listen to music in, or catch up on the latest news and weather? Have you ever considered glass mosaics on your floor? Or coloured lights in your tub? Design a bathroom that’s more than standard. We love eccentricities and innovation. Create something new.

Theatre Stage Installation

With this new installation option, you set the scene for revitalizing relaxation rituals inspired by your needs and feelings.

Your bathroom becomes a symbolic haven where the bath is front and Center; an invitation to take time for yourself and leave your cares behind.

The bath is partially sunk into the stage, making it easier and safer to get in and out. It also creates the impression that your room is bigger than it actually is!

Uplifting Medicine Cabinet

Uplift opens up a world of possibilities. Pendant lights in front of the upward opening cabinet doors. Dramatically arching faucets. Even built-in electricity for everything from a curling iron to a flat screen TV.

Makeup table

Lower a portion of your countertop and include a stylish chair for use as a vanity table in your bathroom. An added drawer below this table can be used to hold makeup supplies and blow dryers.


Therapeutic Tub

A massage adapted to who you are to help you relax, soothe your aching muscles or re-energize you if you’re feeling worn out. Pressure is equally distributed throughout the bath, creating an all-encompassing sensation.

Light Therapy

Add colour to your bath tub using chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is a branch of holistic healing that uses colour to achieve optimal health. Different colours can affect your emotional state in different ways. Cool colours, such as green, blue and indigo are thought to be calming, while warm colours like red, orange and yellow are said to have energizing effects.

Sound Therapy

Listening to music in your bath is made easy and simple with the Euphonia headset. Experience the universe of relaxation, veiling all surrounding sounds to make your massage experience truly beneficial. Contemporary in design, Euphonia's headset is wireless and waterproof.

Wide Appeal Top

Wide Appeal countertops feature a thick edging design at 2" or 2 ¾" thick for an ultra chunky, ultra modern look.

Trip Lever to Match

Give your bathroom a more unified look, by matching your toilet trip lever with your faucets and accessories.

Glass mosaic shower floor

Replace an acrylic base with a tiled mosaic floor to create a seamless, and more chic, shower.

Shower Niche

Customize your shower with a built-in shower niche. A storage idea that saves space and creates a more elegant, and unique shower. It allows the tiles in the shower to be used continuously throughout the niche as well, allowing for uniformity.

Three Size Tile Pattern

Create a unique and diverse bathroom floor with a three size tile pattern. It creates sophistication and elegance in the bathroom.

Built-In Shower Bench

Add a bench to a shower and suddenly it’s so much more like a home spa. Benches add an element of convenience and comfort to tiled showers. Great for shaving your legs! And with Schluter’s six pre-formed benches, it’s easier than ever to install. They can also be cut and customized to fit any shower design. Try combining multiple benches for an even more luxurious experience.

Overflow for an Extra Deep Soak

Completely submerge yourself in this ultra-deep, tranquil pool, where your body is lightly buoyant and embraced by warmth. This overflowing bath creates the ultimate soaking experience. Like an infinity pool, water continuously overflows all sides with a gentle rhythm that soothes the senses. Immerse yourself in the sensual experience.

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